Thursday, July 28, 2016

Welcome to Linux for Azure

This will be the place I will gather notes on using the Azure CLI on Linux.

I have only a few posts on Azure so far (on my primary blog):

Azure and Oracle Linux 6

It's a good time to be a Linux sysadmin! 

I have a feeling I have only just begun to tap into this cloud service.  So far, I am pleased to see it has a cross-platform command line utility that seems to work pretty well.  When it comes to the web GUIs - there are some things you can only do with the Classic Azure Portal and some things that you can only do with New Azure Portal BUT most everything is possible with the Powershell or cross-platform CLI.

I pretty much live in a bash shell with the screen multiplexer logged into 35-40 systems all day long.  So, the CLI looked like a good fit.  However, sometimes, the CLI command (or Powershell commands) are really long, complicated and (in my opinion) intuitive.  So, I am starting this blog to keep my notes.  If you find them handy, great!  (And positive comments are always welcome)

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